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The Book Of IMAP

Cover: The Book Of IMAP

Strong and reliable e-mail service is indispensable to ones private life as well as to ones business affairs. A well-run POP3/IMAP server facilitates communication, ensures trouble-free execution and reduces the need of an administrator.

This book helps to realize this scenario through a detailed introduction to POP3 and IMAP that the authors have perfected through practical experience with various projects. Important tips on error analysis, data migration, file-system tuning, cluster setups, and password security provide help for many situations (emergencies) as well as for advanced administrators.

The two best-known IMAP Servers, Courier and Cyrus, are then presented separately, their installations explained and their potential configurations extensively illustrated. Challenging themes such as shared folders, push e-mail and quota limitations are also illuminated. Annotated references to POP3 and IMAP close out the book.

In many ways this work picks up where "The Postfix Book", by Peer Heinlein (published by Open Source Press in German), leaves off and closes the documentation gap concerning the coordination of mail servers. A standard work for any postmaster.

[ISBN-13 978-1-59327-177-0, 1st edition, May 2008, 368 pages, $49.95 ]

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